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OG2 Coin

The OG2 coin is created to support our game and offer players a new Play to earn concept!


The first round of the presale is now live!

OG2 already sold

OG2 left (round 1)

0% target raised
1 OG2 = 0.08 USD

What is Elrond?

$OG2 will not be just a cryptocurrency. By creating this token we want to maintain stability and continuity in our game.

Elrond Blockchain is highly scalable, blazing fast and secure to handle millions of transactions. This is exactly what OG2 Coin requires.

The max supply of $OG2 token is 10,000,000 and all revenues collected in the platform are shared with ecosystem participants.

Join the presale!

Since we want everyone to be able to participate, there will be no restrictions. Anyone can participate! The only limit is the purchase. Each individual can buy up to $400.

Round #1

1,200,000 OG2

1 OG2 = 0.08$

Round #2

1,800,000 OG2

1 OG2 = 0.12$


23th March, 2022
Designing the idea
Our team came up with the idea to create this token. After a productive discussion, we set some priorities in achieving this.
15th April, 2022
Blockchain platform
Our team decided to initiate this project through the Elrond blockchain platform.
21th April, 2022
Team expansion
A developer with experience in blockchain technology and that has existing projects on Elrond has joined our team.
10th May, 2022
Presale development
Our team has successfully created a smart contract for the presale. At the same time, the platform on which it will be possible to buy tokens at presale has been completed.
1st June, 2022
Start presale
The presale platform will be available to everyone and $OG2 will be available for purchase using EGLD.
10th June, 2022
Start Server #2
Opening the second game server. The token will be integrated into the game, and it will be possible to interact directly in the game.
1st August, 2022
List on Maiar Exchange
Our token listing will follow.

Token Distribution

The following diagram shows the distribution we decided for the OG2 Coin.

Initial Token Distribution


Percentages for token distribution:
  • Pre-Sale: 30% (3,000,000 OG2)
  • Liquidity Pool: 30% (3,000,000 OG2)
  • Team: 3% (300,000 OG2)
  • Game rewards: 20% (2,000,000 OG2)
  • Future projects: 10% (1,000,000 OG2)
  • Airdrop to Community: 7% (700,000 OG2)

Initial Token Distribution

Our team

We are a united team that has been working together for several years. Each of us knows his role in the team, and our collaboration is extremely effective.

M. Alexandru
Founder / Game Director
C. Andrei
Game Technician
P. Răzvan
Blockchain Developer
M. Vlad
Marketing Experience
A. Andreea
Communications Assistant
F. Flavius
Game Designer
I. Andrei
Community Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is OG2 cryptocurrency?

    OG2 is a Play to Earn currency created to support the server and give players the opportunity to make real money by evolving in the game!

  • How can we get this cryptocurrency?

    Before the opening of the server 2 we will announce the missions/systems that will offer you OG2 cryptocurrency as rewards.

  • How much will this cryptocurrency cost?

    Like any other cryptocurrency, the OG2 coin will have a pre-sales period, during this period only those who want to support the project can invest real money and buy coins.
    During this period the coin will have a more affordable price, and its value will increase when the coin is launched.
    After the pre-sales stage, the coin will be officially listed on Maiar Exchange by Elrond!

  • Does this coin need to be mined?

    NO! This coin cannot be mined, it's an official coin created by our company Origins Network.

  • Will this coin affect the server?

    No, the evolution of the players will not be influenced by this coin! This is just an opportunity for you to make real money.

Contact us!

If you have any questions, or want to join our community, we are always active on discord!